People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain

People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain activity – or so a new take on a classic “free will” experiment suggests. The results hint that the feeling of conscious control over our actions can vary – and provide more clues to understanding the complex nature of free will.

10 Reasons You Should Never Buy Or Sell Without An Agent

As with most important things in life, you wouldn’t try to handle a legal situation without an attorney, build your own house or take on the IRS solo to challenge a tax matter. Well, buying or selling a home is no different. Here are 10 reasons you should never buy or sell a home without an agent.

JAG officer alleges SCRA mortgage loan violations in laws | Military Times

An Army attorney has filed a federal lawsuit against a mortgage servicing company alleging its officials violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act by overcharging her in interest and fees on her mortgage loan. Army Capt. Melissa A. Dunkley, stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, is suing Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Lewisville, Texas.

Bank of America to Pay $415 Million to Settle SEC Probe

Bank of America Corp. will pay $415 million to resolve accusations from the Securities and Exchange Commission that it misused customer cash and securities to generate profits, the agency said Thursday. The bank’s Merrill Lynch brokerage unit put at risk customer assets worth as much as $5 billion to $58 billion at a time, depending on the week, over a period spanning 2009 to 2015, the SEC said.

Federal Court: The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect Your Home Computer

In a dangerously flawed decision unsealed today, a federal district court in Virginia ruled that a criminal defendant has no “reasonable expectation of privacy” in his personal computer, located inside his home. According to the court, the federal government does not need a warrant to hack into an individual’s computer.

GOP Lawmakers: Administration Preparing to ‘Give the Internet Away’ to Foreign Despots

“The Obama administration is months away from deciding whether the United States government will continue to provide oversight over core functions of the Internet and protect it from authoritarian regimes that view the Internet as a way to increase their influence and suppress freedom of speech,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said.

Is America Still a Nation of Laws?

Congress and the White House may have been co-opted by the big lobbyists and Wall Street insiders, but you may assume that at least the third branch of government – the courts – are still following the rule of law and protecting the little guy. Unfortunately, the American system of justice is also under attack.

Iqbal and Twombly transform federal litigation

In a now infamous pair of decisions, Bell Atlantic v. Twombly in 2007 and Ashcroft v. Iqbal in 2009, the Supreme Court announced a new pleading standard that shook the foundations of federal litigation. The decisions allow district court judges to dismiss a complaint if it does not set out a “plausible” claim-a departure from the rule established in the 1957 case Conley v.

Prosecution tasked against Assange are being criminally investigated themselves

Today on the 15th of June 2016, Wikileaks announced on their Facebook page that the Swedish police have launched a criminal investigation into prosecutor Marrianne Ny over her handling of the Assange case. Marrianne Ny (Swedish Prosecution Authority) heads the investigation against Assange that accuses him of committing rape.

We Must Understand Corporate Power to Fight It

By Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Chris Hedges, formerly of the New York Times. Truth Dig (republished with permission of the author.) By Chris Hedges In the winter of 1941, a Jewish gravedigger from Chelmo, the western province of Poland, appeared in Warsaw and desperately sought a meeting with Jewish leaders.